• Chirag Sawarn

A Dream

A breeze meddled with my hair, enveloped my curiosity and uneasiness and took that letter into a realm very far away with its passage.That breeze, loathed with the fragile fragrance of happiness and the subtle hint of everything fine, compelled me to open the portals to my distressed mind. I opened my eyes. I take an engaging gaze around, tall and green coconut trees surround me standing straight with pride. The air lingers with the aroma of a fresh coconut engraved with human domination. The scene is a picturesque setting, a canvas painted in hues of green and sky seems like a pearl. About Twenty meters away, there is a beautiful lagoon. A lagoon lined with precious flowers and gems of human laughs. Just then, I see my friends playing our favorite game and my parents engrossed in their daily chores, at a distance. I run to get a pat of affection from my mother and few coins from my father for toffee.

As I run towards my bundle of joy, the sky turns grey with melancholy and the water in the lagoon starts rising like a rise from the dead. The growl of clouds deafen the surroundings and lightning engulfs the sky. Soon the thunderstorm arrives with its mighty force. The rain somehow feels like a rock and I start to experience the feeling of emptiness and loneliness around me. As the water droplets pour down, it starts messing with the beautiful scene in front of me. Like a painting on which water is spilled on the canvas, the visual in front of me started to distort. Soon, everything started to fade away. There were no vibrant colors, just hues fading into shades of black and grey. The lagoon had gripped my knees with its vicious waters. I could not run. My friends and family melted away on falling of rain like a candle wax. The trees around stood no more in pride. There was a pungent smell of despair in the air. Blackness crippled me and hollowness echoed. Everything gone. I suddenly wake up and open my eyes only to find a pearly white surrounding and the sky painted in peaceful white. No one is there, except me. Wasn't heaven described to us with such beauty? I get up and wondered what was I dreaming. Now I realize. The dreams were extensions of my memories down on earth, that place is distant now, I reside peacefully with my Dadi now.

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