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Afterlife means, “life after death”. Is there life after death? Is there life after the end of life? Of course not! That’s a stupid question, but we can re-frame this question in order to have an answer that’s not this direct.

What is death? To a physicality, death is a process in which one organ failure leads to another and eventually the entire system fails. In the eyes of a duelist, a person who believes that our self has two parts; a body and a soul, death is the separation of the soul from the body. A soul who can still live and prosper.

Now, when a duelist talks of “a life after death”, there is some depth to this question. This depth rests upon the idea of existence of a soul. So, what is a soul? The answer is “We don’t know”, but we don’t even know what gravity is. Do we not believe in gravity? Of course, we do! This is because the concept of gravity explains things that we can’t otherwise. Is a soul the best explanation of a being?

The idea of a soul is the thin line between lifeless bodies and living beings. Living beings can smell, taste, create, express and respond. This seems good enough to distinguish a being from a rock. And was good enough to provide conviction to the idea of existence of souls before we created computers.

Today we have computers who can learn from experience and change their approach for the next operation. We have computers who can paint with a brush. We have computers who can create things no one has ever thought before and are still making progress. How can we be sure we’ll never have computers who can’t sense and respond to emotions? To achieve that we just have to break emotions into bits. We have to feed a computer every possible combination of patterns between emotion and behavior. If computers do achieve that in future, how are we any different from a computer?

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