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Black Prison

About the poem

Black prison is a poem dedicated to the struggles and living conditions of people living in poverty.

What is this diffidence

blowing me away?

In this loud world,

Will they turn out to be a prey?

There is no escape.

Not a single ray of survival.

Who will help them? Who knows?

They will have to defend and protect themselves.

It seems like a cage with dampness

All around.

It appears to be a prison

Where light cannot be found.

Where the ruck have assimilated themselves

With darkness skillfully.

And are noticing every incident

With their eyes dismally.

Where they are standing with raining eyes

And tongues mute.

Where they are held like a corpse

Wearing a grave suit.

Prohibiting their hearts to let out its sway

Enslaved in chains for no damn a reason.

Where they can hear their chests pound

With the fear of death.

But still decline to not remain

In the sea of sour season.

Numerous constraints, numerous obstructions.

Numerous hurdles, infinite restrictions.

But still wide awake

Still alive, still at play.

Pulling over decaying rags,

Tracing distances with nothing in hands

Though charred in the boiling sun.

With empty bellies and kids in hands.

Spending their lives in rickety tents,

Bothering not to earn a pence.

Concealing their voices in their heart's

Deepest chambers.

Want to lie unnoticed.

To grow and then die.

Where they feel that this world

Is not meant for them

But for the rich

To knock them off their tents.

Where all the efforts to lure them

Out of the trap fails.

Where all the hues have vanished,

And have made the world look pale.

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