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Incidents happen in life. I wouldn’t say some are small but some surely appear brighter than all others. We all remember being a kid right? Yesterday, I just recalled an incident from the day I was in tenth grade. Not an ancient story but anyway.

So, it was many days prior to the science exhibition when us, group of 10 friends, decided to volunteer; to manage the event, thinking we will be more than an audience. And the thought of getting praised by the teachers with the ladoos at the end of the day was just the mouth watering cherry on the cake we all needed.

But at the end of the day, those ladoos looked like sour grapes, metaphorically. Because those days made me see the world in a way which I was not at all familiar with. That hardcore bargaining to get shopkeepers to agree on mutual terms, and the strategic planning just to bring a single projector to the school required so much work. Those were the days my busted ass 15 year old self had realized that it was all a myth that living in this world is easy. Even for doing all these tiny tasks I had to give in everything in power to make an event happen.And getting the event to the level we all imagined was left an untouched dream. As the first task at hand, i.e, “to organize the event”, seemed impossible!

But hey, life has a way of coming around. I learned how bargaining is way cooler than kung fu at a young age. Thou, I didn’t cherish the sweetness on those ladoos then, now I can make sense of how much such a small incident taught me.

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