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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Someday I will learn

to express effectively

Even as I hear my own voice

Reverberating in the air

In situations

that seem quite daunting

to not be so fazed

and intimidated every time.


Someday I will learn to let go

of my feelings of utter helplessness and disquiet

even as I navigate not being overwhelmed

By the many unsettling stories of our time.


I will give in to the music I like

and move like I am free

even as I feel a hundred eyes

constantly gauging me.


I will untangle the knots in my stomach

and display my mistakes.

and love - unhindered by my cautionary tales

and disclaimers

Someday I will trust myself

to lead me to my happy

And in that moment,

I won't censor for better tomorrows.

'Cause tomorrow is someday

but so is today.


I will write to you.


I will write to me.

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