• Chirag Sawarn

The Maze

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

About the poem

The maze is about how I feel looking at the people I love, when they're suffering.

People often don't find anyone real they can turn to, when they are depressed.

The Maze is about the call people need to make. To remind the people they love, that they love them. Unconditionally and forever.

I've been running, running, running

Inside your mind.

I'm down on my knees.

My tears will not cease

If I

Ever lose you to the maze of your mind.

Crawl out my love

Or just whisper my name.

I know the pain doesn't let go,

But I'll be by your side.

We'll find beauty and love.

Hiding in this maze.

We'll smile through the roughs,

And pray for the light.

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