• Chirag Sawarn

The most attractive piece of art

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

She just stood there with a paint tainted brush in her hand. The latest part of her soul, one more canvas, was ready to be put on the backside of the small apartment she had. The only thing left to her was this apartment and this skill to draw and paint. And yes, the boy her so-called best friend, surely much more than just friend now, who was hunted down by the sleep while he watched her paint was near to breaking down her so well built walls to protect her from herself. A smile covered her face as she again thought of painting but not on the canvas.

Why was this happening again? Why she let him go? Asking that she just let the tears flow this one time, she allowed herself to be weak. She remembers how he just kissed her so deeply the day she painted on his face, all those loving gifts and the nights they spent together as one. Just because she told him to leave, he left and she was thankful to him that he read her eyes and without saying a word he left her just promising to return again with his eyes, and now as she cries she can hear his steps, him calling for her as she knew that he will now be with her and complete the last part of her soul for her.

Till this day that last part of her soul is not complete but that is the reason that painting is the most attractive piece of art, in the museum with all the parts of her soul at one place. As it is said that a soul never dies, he could feel her dance and paint around as this art gallery is where she will live forever.

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