• Chirag Sawarn

The Prophecy

About the poem

I wrote this poem about a girl who lives in the shadows of the most beautiful object known to man, the moon.

A girl who has seen darkness so often, that she created an aura of life around herself.

An aura visible to everyone, but herself.

This poem is about me discovering her as I step out of my window on a dark night; into the clouds.

Miles from my eyes,

There's a castle of light.

With white balls of fur,

Surrounding its sides.

And it casts its shadow,

On this girl blessed with black.

Black hair like coal,

And eyes diamonds of black.

She hops on her black horse,

To run from this reign.

Of madness and misery,

Of shadows and pain.

As the light struck her face,

We fell from the skies.

"The Prophecy", she screamed,

"How Vain", I cried.

Then she saw my face,

And her hands flung to a side.

A spell left her lips,

While her eyes held mine.

And an ocean of sand,

Turned to an ocean of brine.

Two splashes were heard,

In the vast empty skies.

One that was hers,

And one that was mine.

I wake up and find myself holding your back.

As you did on the sea bed,

While brine turned to sand.

"To your last breath, you chose life."

She wrote on my hand.

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